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How can men and boys work for gender justice?

Boys in Kolkata

MenEngage Global Symposium tackles patriarchy, masculinity and gender justice

The second MenEngage Global Symposium takes place in Delhi, India from 10-13 November and is following the theme ‘Men and Boys for Gender Justice.’ The event aims to take a holistic approach to understanding masculinities in different domains as part of a globalizing world.

On Monday 10 November, the Institute of Development Studies is running a satellite session titled 'Getting Under the Skin: Unconventional dialogues on patriarchy and change.' The event will explore how we perceive change as happening (or not) in oppressive gender orders. And also, ‘how can men and boys be brought into such agendas for gender justice?’

World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014

UN calls for gender equality at the heart of sustainable development

If we want an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future, where everyone’s human rights are realised, gender equality must be at the heart of sustainable development policy. This is the message of new UN Women report: the ‘World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014: Gender equality and sustainable development.

The publication aims to show how unsustainable development patterns and gender inequality reinforce each other and emphasises the importance of women’s agency to sustainable development.

Free online course

What is gender-sensitive governance?

Why does gender matter for governance? How can we expose gender-blind institutions and processes? What strategies have enhanced the opportunities and outcomes for women and girls in government processes? What can we learn from this and how can we integrate this into our own work?

Running from, Monday 3 November to Friday 28 November 2014, this free web-based course provides participants with a grounding in the current concepts of governance from a gender perspective and offers some examples and resources for applying these within key governance institutions, with a focus on governments. Although the course is intended to be most useful for people in Nigeria, it could be valuable for people from any region.

New web Francophone resource – Francophone thematic database of resources for the promotion of gender equality

Observ’action is a new web project run jointly by BRIDGE and our partner Genre en Action, an international network of organisations working towards gender equality in development in Francophone countries. For each gender thematic area of focus, Observ’action will publish BRIDGE synthesis work and give visibility to the knowledge, experiences and expertise developed in Francophone countries. We aim in this way to stimulate dialogue amongst different actors and support the work of activists and policy makers in the region. The first area of focus has been climate change.

You can visit the website by clicking here. You can contribute resources by writing to Or keep in touch with the initiative by following Genre en Action on Twitter and Facebook.

Share your thoughts on the Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Pack

Spare five minutes?

Take part in the Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Pack survey and let us know what you think of the pack and how you have used it in your work and activism. It is really important for us to find out more about the impact our Cutting Edge Packs may have had and build on this in future work.

The survey will take about five minutes. Please feel free to skip questions not relevant to your experience, and do add extra information and detail in the free text boxes wherever you can. You do not need to fill in your name and organisation if you wish to remain anonymous.

Gender justice in activism

New policy briefs for donors and social movement leaders

While women's rights and gender justice are 'on the agenda' for many social movements, activists still encounter strong resistance to changing gendered politics and practices within movements and allied organisations. The BRIDGE Cutting Edge Pack explores some of these debates, challenges and tensions.

The Pack provides some practical routes for nurturing social justice movements that challenge unjust gender power relations. As part of the Supporting Resources Collection for the Gender and Social collection for the Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Pack, BRIDGE has recently published two policy briefs to support this pack, one for donors and one for social movement leaders.

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